Alternative tours of London collections

14 December 2010

New Ways at Tate Modern

Yesterday a group of staff and volunteers from museums and galleries took part in a unique series tours of famous collections conceived and led by New Ways artists. As part of the programme’s workforce development activity we wanted museum and archive staff to have an artist’s eye view on what they do.

Paul Ryan began with an in depth investigation of a single work at the Tate Modern using a semiotic approach. Bob and Roberta Smith then led ‘Bob’s Tour’ of works at Tate Modern which he is drawing upon for his Life of the Mind show at The New Art Gallery Walsall. The group then moved to the British Library to learn about the work of artist Julian Walker there in advance of his work with Sandwell’s project New Ways of Collecting.

Photographer Chris Keenan joined us and his shots will be on the site shortly.

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