Katie Shipley

Katie Shipley is interested in how memories make us who we are, how we unconsciously analyse and edit the past in our minds, creating a labyrinth of feelings, people and moments in time. How we make a place our own; everyone experiences life differently and as such each place and event is unique to the individual, as memory fails a world unravels, a world that nobody else can put back together. With the uncontrollable loss of memory comes the loss of the individual, a life’s path slowly erasing behind us. She is equally interested in how we hold onto our memories, preserving them in our minds, in text and image or representing them with objects. She feels that through the Forging Links project we will be able to see how memories can be attached to a place and time, or specific objects and I hope that the young people involved can reveal some hidden memories of the local industry.



  • Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan
  • Katie Shipley
    Katie Shipley
  • Tim Brennan
    Tim Brennan
  • Julian Walker
    Julian Walker
  • Photo: Chris Keenan
    Bob And Roberta Smith