Paul Ryan

In my practice as an artist I’ve tried to renegotiate the sketchbook away from being a studio tool, towards its potential as a fully
fledged fine art object. To do this I questioned what sketchbooks can mean, how they generated those meanings, and from which positions of
interpretation can they mean different things.

Other artefacts outside, or alongside, the fine art canon are equally susceptible to reappraisal in this way. Folk art, for example, is not
included in the National Collections at Tate. I proposed ‘What the Folk Say’ at Compton Verney to address the current display decisions that have placed the folk art in the attic spaces. 18 contemporary artists including Sonia Boyce, Jeremy Deller, Susan Hiller and Mike Nelson have chosen a folk object and repositioned it amongst the fine art collections downstairs in the main gallery rooms. The public are also invited to submit images of what they see as folk art, and a selection of these will be invited to be displayed.

  • Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan
  • Katie Shipley
    Katie Shipley
  • Tim Brennan
    Tim Brennan
  • Julian Walker
    Julian Walker
  • Photo: Chris Keenan
    Bob And Roberta Smith